XNETMOD - modelling language and simulation environment

Project Scope: 
Project Code: 
IST-2001-52057 CRAFT 1999-70777
Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The overall objective of the project is the development of a modelling technology for systems possessing a network architecture based on XML languages as well as evolution and adaptation of available XML supporting tools for model verification, translation and processing.

The technical objectives of the project are:

  • Development of an XML-based hierarchical language family for describing technical networks and the corresponding interpreter.
  • Development of a model generation procedure based on network algebra rules.
  • Development of formal verification procedures based on network algebra methods.
  • Dvelopment of a technology for the generating a net-work Data Object Model (DOM).
  • Development of a generic interface between the network DOM and an object-relational data base. The idea is modelling and simulation of systems representable as physical networks (e.g. roads, pipe systems, workflows) There are two example applications.
  • Application example I: Data capturing system workflow system
    1. Workflow Office application
    2. Simulation of resource distribution and operation
  • Application example II: Forest Fire Office Resource management, for a fire extingushing scenario, integrated with a geographical information system (GIS) and potentially GPS
    1. Forest Fire Office application
    2. Simulation of resource distribution and operation
ELPRO Prozessindustrie und Energieanlagen (D), Simpower Simulator Systeme (D), FRAUNHOFER IPK (D), IPSA (E), ACEBO (E) UE V Framework Research Programme